Below we make available a communication panel for users to communicate with us directly. For the safety reasons requests concerning a specified account sent via e-mail are not available, because it is not safe due to the possibility of the data being captured by third parties and the possibility of impersonating the users of our platform by outsiders using their e-mail addresses (which many programmers can do). For these reasons for transferring users’ requests we make available the panel applying the best presently used methods of data encryption.

On requests "set account holder details" (or "create account" with the indicated option "also set account holder details"), "request account statement", "request withdrawal" and "other" we answer users within 24 hours on the e-mail address that they declared (if they declared one), as for other requests we send an answer vie e-mail only when it is necessary. Please take into consideration the fact that the outcomes of requests on "account statement" or information on the progress of payment performance are sent by us on the e-mail address declared by the user within 24 hours from the moment of sending the request. WE NEVER SEND AUTOMATIC E-MAIL MESSAGES. We ourselves hate to receive such e-mail messages thus we never send them.

Please send questions not concerning specific accounts on the e-mail address:

For the proper functioning of the program the latest Java Software needs to be installed, and your Internet browser does not have it installed.
If you want to instal the latest Java Software now CLICK HERE.

International Service Invest Group Ltd. is in the project "" financially operated (deposits and withdrawals) by the subsidiary company "Eastern Betting INVEST AND TRADE LIMITED" registered in the Republic of Seychelles with bank account in the Republic of Lithuania. Funds should be made to the account:


bank telephone: + 370 5 232 7193

Please remember that the name of the bank transfer sender has to be identical with the name of the bank account owner. If the bank account has not been assigned the name of its owner yet, then the moment we receive the funds the name of the bank transfer sender will be automatically assigned to the account as the name of its owner.

Please give your login in the transfer title if you transfer the funds on the login-password account or the MAC address of your computer if you transfer the funds on the MAC account. If possible please write in the transfer title also the full name of the bank account owner so that in case of a mistake in the login or MAC address your transfer is still correctly assigned.