The basic area of's activity is making international money transfers. Continuously "Batumi International Service" Invest Group Tel-Aviv Israel within the scope of the project offers short term options which are based on currency markets events.

When opening an account in our system - both the one identified via the MAC address and the traditional one identified using login-password pair - there is a cash account provided for automatic opening, which is used to handle transactions on the derivatives market, next to the account used for making money transfers described in the "Money Transfers" tab of this website. This account is created automatically when you open the client application for the first time. It is used for placing orders on the derivatives market offered by Eastern Betting. All funds from the current account are transferred automatically to cash account used for handling transactions on derivatives with every entry to any trading platform appearing within the "derivatives platforms" tab. When closing the client investment application all funds are automatically transferred back to the "Eastern Betting money transfers" current account.

About the Investment Platform

Eastern Betting is the first in the world and the biggest provider of ultra-short-term options in the currency market. Options offered by Eastern Betting have “european” option lifespan – they cannot be closed before due time, but only on the expiration date. Moreover, options offered by Eastern Betting always have discreet payment structure – every option has a limited specified number of possible payments.

While financial instruments with characteristic features as these described above are known in the financial markets, in Eastern Betting we have been the first to offer such options with so short expiration times as 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minute, 10 seconds, 5 seconds and in June 2010 we introduced one-second option (!!).

Generally our options are directed to speculators using the so called "technical analysis" – especially for them we have made available on our online platform graphs of underlying instruments of the options offered by us and every speculator may – observing the graphs – buy a CALL(*) option, when he thinks that the values in the graph are going to increase or he may buy a PUT(**) option when he thinks that the values are going to decrease. The speculator chooses on his own how high the stake for an option is going to be, he chooses on his own the number of possible payments offered by the option, as well as decides about the option expiration time and its underlying instrument in accordance to which the option payment is established.

When the Eastern Betting investment platform was created it had in offer as an underlying instrument only the quote-driven system of the currency pair EUR/USD; however, due to unsatisfying for us volatility of this instrument we have introduced an additional instrument, namely a weighted average of American Dollar quotes in comparison with 30 main currencies. The full list of currencies is to be found HERE, and the current weights used by us while constructing this dollar index are to be found HERE. Index weights of the “USD index” (that is how we called the index) are counted anew by us everyday at midnight so that shares of currencies in the index are equal and the relative changes of each currency to dollar have the same influence on the “USD index” irrespective of the currency. Moreover, new weights the moment they are established have to determine the “USD index” value on the level equal to the level determined by old weights. Thanks to these conditions the “USD index” does not differ from the most professional stock exchange indices, and in comparison with most of them it is simply better.

Our investment platform is generally directed to speculators using technical analysis. However, if one rejects technical analysis assuming that it does not allow to predict even to some extent the movements of prices, then with this approach to short-term options the Eastern Betting options actually are derivatives of volatility of currency quotes. Thus, if from the moment of entering into a transaction on the Eastern Betting investment platform an underlying instrument undergoes considerable fluctuations, then the Eastern Betting option in the same way with higher probability will reach higher payments; whereas if the dynamics of the instrument is much below our expectations, then we may not have a chance for any payment at all. Especially for the speculators with such a professional attitude – who want to compete with Eastern Betting in the area of predicting future volatilities we make available platforms, in which instead of two buttons “BET+” and “BET-“ (that are for buying CALL(*) options and PUT(**) options) we offer one button “BET”. The button functions in this way that the presently current stake is divided into two and both a PUT option and a CALL option are bought at the same time for the respective shares of the divided stake. In this way the short-term investor gets rid of a rate risk of his option, preserving only the relation of its payment with its volatility. It is not important if the underlying instrument’s value increases or decreases. It is only important how it changes from the rate at which we have bought the option. An additional improvement implemented in our platform is the possibility of viewing the history of quotes of a specified underlying instrument and the presentation in the graph of the last five closed transactions.

The quotes of the Eastern Betting underlying instruments are an outcome of quotes of the Reuters X-tra bank transaction platform, a few important forex market-makers and the implied price resulting from requests of our clients in the Eastern Betting system. Due to the presence of the last mentioned factor, even when the other markets are inactive, the Eastern Betting platform is still working. So even on Saturday or Sunday – as long as the Eastern Betting users are active – so long will the rate on our platform change and it will be possible to enter into transactions. Our user can check the base currency rate in EUR/USD or quoting of any given component of the "USD index" instrument's currency pair via the panel located next to "Money Transfers" bookmark. This quoting determines the base instrument's rate of the offered derivatives.

If only our commitment in any of the directions that an underlying instrument may follow exceeds any of levels defined by us, then you may expect a change in the price of the underlying instrument. However, we try to implement this kind of adjusting of the rate within specified limits indicated by other important in the market forex platforms.

In June 2010 together with the introduction of one-second options we introduced also the view of option payment in a form of so called “reels” from gambling games. To some of the Eastern Betting users that we know „staring” on the graphs seemed boring and therefore we have decided to make the quality of a win more evident to the speculator, five sevens in a row convince some people more that their investment was right than small figures on the side of a graph. Ever since we have made slots available in Eastern Betting they have become very popular, but still the highest turnover of the Eastern Betting system comes from the investment platforms without the view of the win with animations known from gambling.

About is a project owned by the investor "Batumi International Service" Invest Group incorporated in the State of Israel with a registered seat on the 29 Hamered street, 68125 Tel-Aviv, Israel with registration number at Ministry of Finance in Israel 514684778. Eastern Betting business activity is regulated by the jurisdiction of Israel and under the „The Securities Law, 1968” the „Batumi International Service" Invest Group is allowed to offer to the citizens of all countries apart from the citizens of the State of Israel all types of financial instruments and this is the legal basis of our business activity. Our inner procedure additionally limits the circle of investment platform clients to countries without a ban on investing in foreign markets in force. However, after the launch of the "Eastern Betting money transfers" service we allow people staying under jurisdiction of such countries to open accounts provided that they will not acquire derivatives which are offered by us, but only use the "Eastern Betting money transfers" service.

The originator and founder of the platform of ultra-short-term options for financial instruments with discreet structures of payment is a Georgian financier Dionisij Ksani ( known in the international circle of investment platforms from designing and cooperating for the construction of a few market-maker forex platform servers and he is the author and holder of the project. “” is a formalized body of his project operating for a few years now in the Caucasian countries designed for entering wider horizons mainly in the Western markets.

As far as the programming aspect of the speculator platform Eastern Betting is concerned it has been created by – in our opinion – most outstanding specialists in the field of financial engineering in the world. Until recently Eastern Betting was available only in intranet networks, now the our investment system is addressed to practically everyone in the world who has the access to the Internet with the exception of citizens of those countries where the ban on investing in foreign financial markets is in force.

Due to the abuse of tax authorities of some countries, Eastern Betting does not cooperate with any third institution (especially – with any country administration) in the scope of informing about operations, balances or profits gained by clients. However, we do provide information in the scope of money transfers within the "Eastern Betting money transfers" system when it comes to accounts where at least one operation was performed by any self-service kiosk which cooperate with "Eastern Betting money transfers", if the kiosk operator requests that. The policy results from legislative framework intended to prevent money laundering. These restrictions, imposed on the kiosk operators who cooperate with us, are often far more restrictive than those in Israel. Bearing in mind such requests sent to us by the first kiosk supplier, with whom we cooperated in the scope of money broking - in the case of this supplier and others in future - if such a supplier will be able to comprehensively prove that the governmental agencies request such documents from him, we will provide him with such documentation, but only in scope of pay-ins and pay-outs.

The confidentiality of history of operations on derivatives, which is unavailable to anyone including kiosk suppliers who cooperate with "Eastern Betting money transfers" does not belittle the fact that in Eastern Betting we have implemented very restrictive procedures in the scope of preventing dirty money laundering certainly more tight than those used by banks. Whereas Eastern does not provide any information to any tax authorities of any country, Eastern Betting still enables its users honest and credible settling accounts with a tax collector and provides on request its users with full history of their transactions together with a balance.

Types of Accounts

Generally the Eastern Betting platform offers two types of accounts: accounts identified with the pair of a login and a password and accounts identified with a computer MAC address. The former type of an account is created exclusively with the use of our form in the bookmark “Manage Account”; while accounts identified with a MAC address can by additionally created simply by logging in from a specified computer at any of the platforms offered by us - in such case MAC account will be automatically created within the "Eastern Betting money transfers" service and consequently a corresponding investment cash account will be ascribed to it. Both the login-password accounts as well as the MAC accounts may be created without ascribing any personal data to an account. Personal data may be ascribed later – by using our contact form in the bookmark “Manage Account” or the data is automatically ascribed while transferring funds from a bank account. Once the data is ascribed to an account, from that moment it is not possible to change the name of the account owner. For once specified data of the owner of an account it is not possible to transfer money to that account from bank accounts other than those that include in their sender name the name of the Eastern Betting account owner. Transfers to a Eastern Betting account from accounts of this type are immediately sent back to their senders. It is also not possible to transfer payment to a bank account other than that owned by a Eastern Betting account owner.

1) A "Login-Password" Account

The first – basic type of an account is a standard account with a login and a password, which is individually ascribed by each user. In order to create an account of this type one has to use our contact form in the bookmark "Manage Account". An account of this type may be created and simultaneously authorized or the authorization may be left for later. One has to remember however that if before the authorization any transfer is made to an account, the data of the sender of the transfer will be automatically taken for the data of the account owner and they will be set. Once set authorization data cannot be changed. We may accept such a change only in justified cases, for instance change of surname certified with scans of documents sent at our e-mail address.

Withdrawals from this type of account can be performed on any IBAN account in the world, provided that the name of the account owner corresponds with the name of the Eastern Betting user requesting withdrawal. This limitation prevents converting money of the user, whose login and password has been stolen.

2) A "MAC" Account

Another type of an account is the account, in which the user identifies himself with his computer MAC address (MAC is a physical – hardware – address of a network interface controller in any device that connects with the net). We have created this unique type of an account, because the circle of users – mainly from countries without incidence of taxes concerning with investments in derivatives markets – complained about the complicity of the login-password account – about the fact that every time they log in the platform they have to write in their identification data. The user logs in a MAC account by clicking in the bookmark “platforms” and indicating the will to log in the MAC account and… that is that. The user does not have to write in a login or a password. Similarly with payments and withdrawals – one performs payments by transferring the money to an IBAN account owned by giving in the bank transfer title MAC address of their computer, while withdrawals may be performed from a computer with a given MAC by simply requesting a withdrawal on a specified account.

For the sake of safety of our users the owner of the account to which we transfer money from a MAC account HAS TO be the same person from whose account the first payment on the MAC account has been transferred. Similarly all payments on the MAC account which have come from senders other than those who sent the first payment will be automatically returned to the senders. This means the same manner of ascribing owner personal data to accounts as in login-password accounts. In addition one may from the level of forms found in the bookmark "Manage Account" create a MAC account with a ready ascription of owner personal data to this account.

The MAC account is quite unsafe as far as securing users privacy is concerned, because if the user’s MAC address gets in the hands of a person who likes to act in a mischievous way , than this person may pretend in their computer the user’s MAC address and impersonating the user enter into transactions on the Eastern Betting investment platform. In spite of this danger MAC accounts become more and more popular and many people decide on the convenience, which is offered by the MAC account at the expense of safety, which certainly is on a lower level than that of a login-password account. MAC accounts become more and more popular not only in countries without a tax rate connected with investing on capital markets, but also in countries with considerable tax restrictions. It even happens that many people share one MAC account and it is completely legal within a given jurisdiction provided that these people really honestly settle accounts with their tax collector and do not try to hide their actual incomes from speculations on the Eastern Betting investment platform.

Types of Client Side Investment Platforms

Individual types of applications on the client’s side, used by him for entering into transactions in the Eastern Betting investment system are called "derivatives platforms". As far as a server is concerned there are no differences between them, and individual platforms only in different way present entering into transactions as well as their closing. Types of investment platforms available for both kinds of accounts described above can be seen by clicking on buttons “demo inside WWW” or “demo full screen” in the bookmark “Derivatives Platforms”, where having logged on any client platform one has virtual 1000 EUR at their disposal. Real platforms – that do not serve as a Eastern Betting investment system display do not generally differ with the exception that funds deposited on them are real amounts transferred by users into "Eastern Betting money transfers" system.
On the bottom of the "Derivatives Platforms" bookmark one can familiarize themselves with full investment platforms manual, rules of entering into transactions and viewing of payments – just click on the icon of a given investment client platform.

Computer Hardware Requirements

Each of Eastern Betting investment platforms is connected through its whole cycle of functioning with at least one Eastern Betting quotation server and with one server with the account data. Due to the fact that every client quotation is delivered in real-time we have dramatically limited the amount of information sent other than currency quotation and some number of factors characteristic to our system. As a result of this on the side of client applications – that is investment platform – a number of calculations has to be performed in order to establish payment levels of individual options correctly. For this reason Eastern Betting investment platforms use a considerable amount of processor work time in your computer and also for this reason we do not recommend units weaker than dual-core with a clock of at least 2.5 GHz speed and at least 3GB RAM.

All Eastern Betting client applications work in the Java environment. If you have not installed the Java software yet, than fetch it from here: JAVA. The required version of the Java is at least 6.0.

The "Actual Best Trades" View

On the home page in the fourth bookmark entitled "Actual Best Trades" we show how much you could have earned, if you had entered into a specified transaction in the moment indicated in the graph. It is a peculiar kind of manual how to start earning money on the Eastern Betting investment platform and at the same time its function is to encourage potential clients to create an account on our platform.

Commission Rates

The investment transaction platform Eastern Betting does not charge any commission on account of investment transactions entered into by its users. Our profit is included in a price of an option that is paid by users for purchasing it (the price is indicated in the client program as a "stake"). We try to keep the option price lower than maximum 1.5% in comparison with the price equal to expected average future value of a given option. However, we reserve the right to manipulate the option price even up to 5% over the future expected value if profitable transactions of the Eastern Betting investment platform users in a considerable manner deplete our funds securing payments for our clients. In the case when for a longer period our clients enter into investment transactions unprofitable for them we also oblige ourselves to reduce commission rates included in the option price so that is amounts to even about 1%.

In other words – Eastern Betting does not charge its users with commission payments, but in exchange for this we reserve the right to establish levels at which individual options reach characteristic to them payment levels. Thus – If for certain levels the Eastern Betting investment platform investor as a result of a tremendous number of transactions entered into at random finally brings his account to the initial level, real levels of individual payments are a little bit bigger (or respectively lower – for PUT options) in order to maintain the Eastern Betting infrastructure.

Please take into consideration the fact that we cannot change option payment levels after the client has entered into investment transaction. From the moment the "BET +" or "BET –" is clicked you can be sure that specified at the moment of entering transaction payment levels of an option you bought are going to be the same till the moment it is closed. We change option closing levels only when there is no open transaction at the Eastern Betting investment platform.

Cooperation with MTKiosk

With the beginning of August 2010 we have started the cooperation with a Polish operator of multifunction internet kiosks („Money transfer kiosk”). Generally MTKiosk kiosks serve for performing money transfers and thisis their basic function – the possibility of entering the recipient of a given transfer together with his IBAN account number with the sender and transfer title. However, in addition to that MTKiosk kiosks make available multifunction API for third institutions, thanks to the API system MTKiosk sends to us the information about the transfer in the moment it is performed and thanks to this our users do not have to wait for numerous interbank accounting sessions of banks acting as a middleman in a given transfer but the users have their funds deposited at the "Eastern Betting money transfers" platform at once.
We would not enthuse about MTKiosk kiosks, if it wasn’t for the fact that thanks to these kiosks’ API and our application introduced together with these kiosks it is possible to – by writing in your identification data – withdraw money from our "Eastern Betting money transfers" system. Identification data in the case of payments and withdrawals are: in the case of “login-password” accounts - the pair of a login and a password, while for the MAC accounts it is a MAC address.

Every user has an automatically turned on function of transferring money to and from the "Eastern Betting money transfers" account with the kiosks. However, if the user does not want to transfer funds in this way – due to the danger of a MAC address or a login and a password falling into someone’s hands the user may while creating the account or later declare that he does not want MTKiosk kiosks to handle his account. All that the user needs to do is to use our contact form in the bookmark "Manage Account" and choose "other" as a subject.

Payments and withdrawals from MTKiosk are treated separately from payments/withdrawals from bank accounts, the user standing in front of a kiosk is from the kiosk provider’s point of view often an anonymous person, a transfer performed with MTKiosk system does not cause in our system assignment of personal data to an account, and the amounts of money transferred in this way are limited due to local provisions on preventing dirty money laundering characteristic of a place where a kiosk is located and these amounts are quite restrictively lowered, because from the kiosk provider’s point of view a person transferring money often is anonymous.

MTKiosk kiosks among their diverse functions also offer recharging of mobile phones, a currency exchange bureau (they handle exchange of 100 different world currencies to PLN), money transfers for charity and a service of a paid Internet kiosk. Conventionally one may use functions of a kiosk for a fee, but if a kiosk is used to use "Eastern Betting money transfers" all costs are covered by Eastern Betting. For this reason it is possible to directly initiate from the level of payments and withdrawals kiosk platform an Internet browser with, for example, request withdraw money into bank account via "Manage Account" panel.

In points where active MTKiosk are located we also try to place LCD panels advertising Eastern Betting platform and encouraging the usage of kiosks in order to transfer money to and from the "Eastern Betting money transfer" accounts.

We inform that for now MTKiosk kiosks are available exclusively on the Polish market. For more information please visit the producer’s site MTKiosk.


"Eastern Betting" is an author of two independent applications for a patent. The scope of our protection especially covers two following technical solutions:

1) the use of option broker in a investment transaction platform with discreet payment structures, the visualization of option payment structure and its lifespan with a graph and option closing levels together with corresponding payments located next to the graph. The technique consists in showing to the user a graph in real time and subsequently with reference to the graph showing next to it option closing levels updated also in real time. The technique also encompasses moving a horizontal segment that represents an option lifespan along the graph when the user holds such an option and – at the moment the option is closed – visual highlighting of the highest payment level, which has been exceeded by the graph the moment the option has been closed and which is the money payment of the option;

2) the technique that consists in visualization of the duration and payment of any financial instrument with animations known from gambling games. An example of the technique usage are visualizations of options’ lifespan used in investment platforms of the Eastern Betting broker, which can visualize an option lifespan and its payment with the so-called “reel games” known up to now exclusively from the world of gambling. The moment the user comes into possession of an option reels start spinning and the moment the option is closed reels stop in a combination that wins exactly the same amount as the option;

Due to the patent claim described above in the point nr 2) the moment the protection period is granted we will be the only institution in the world with the legal authorisation to show financial instruments with visualizations based on known up to now gambling games.

We have in particular ideas for replacing a random aspect with an aspect connected with events in financial markets in sports card games that have a random aspect (for instance Poker), we are also able to base almost all traditional casino games on the logic of financial instruments so as to the payment structure of a new game is identical with that of an original gambling game.
Due to the fact that for such a stationary activity suitable licenses for broker activity are locally required we inform that we have an appropriate license in Israel and that in the case of stationary business activity outside Israel appropriate broker licenses in the place of business activity are required. Therefore we are interested in cooperation with institutions that are in possession of such local permissions in order to create the stationary casino wholly based on the logic of financial instruments.

(*)CALL is an option, with which one plays predicting that the underlying instrument’s value is going to increase and one will receive the payment (the bigger the increase, the bigger the payment).

(**)PUT is an option, with which one plays predicting that the underlying instrument’s value is going to decrease and one will receive the payment (the bigger the decrease, the bigger the payment).